We regret to announce that Kerikeri will no longer be hosting the biennial International Piano Competition. The KIPC Trust will continue to support and promote classical music performance in Kerikeri.

KIPC 2018 on Radio New Zealand Concert 

The Final Round recitals of KIPC 2018 were broadcast on Radio NZ Concert over 4 weeks:

Saturday 26 Jan 2019 – Baichao Lan

Saturday 2 Feb 2019 – Sunhwa Kim

Saturday 9 Feb 2019 – Katherine E Benson

Saturday 16 Feb 2019 – Shuan Hern Lee





First Prize – Shuan Hern Lee

Second Prize – Katherine E. Benson

Third Prize – Sunhwa Kim

Fourth Prize – Baichao Lan

Sonata Prize – Benjamin Goodman

Judges’ Prize -Lixin Zhang

KIPC Trustees’ Prize – Jeremy So  

A brief history of KIPC

The Kerikeri competition began in 1987 as a national event, under the auspices of Kerikeri Arts.  A Trust was established in 2007 to take on the responsibility of presenting New Zealand’s most recognised classical music competition for solo piano. The competition became the Kerikeri International Piano Competition in 2012 and has since gained international recognition for its quality and fine organization.

Our Patron, New Zealand pianist Michael Houstoun, has been involved from the outset and created the original competition format.

This four-day event is held biennially at the Turner Centre in Kerikeri, located in the scenic Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand. The venue has a 400 seat auditorium and all the facilities required for an event of this kind.

Since 2014 the competition has had a panel of three judges and has attracted outstanding pianists and teachers from Australia, UK, New Zealand, Austria, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In 2015 KIPC became a member of the Alink-Argerich Foundation, which supports and promotes piano competitions worldwide.

The 2016 competition attracted 62 entrants from around the world, with 15 accomplished contestants selected to participate in Kerikeri.

Alumni of the competition include John Chen, Stephen de Pledge, Dan Poynton, Jun Bouterey-Ishido, John-Paul Muir, Yeh Shih Hsien,  Alex Rainieri and 2016 winner Dong-Wan Ha.